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school board when they talking about whether to cancel school or not
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Korra don’t you remember what happened the last time you left those three nincompoops alone?

Asami sold her company, Bolin committed borderline sexual assault, Mako got thrown in prison, and the love triangle pushed itself up from the grave. You’re going to come back and Republic City is going to be on fire.

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Spinosaurus always ends up getting compared to Tyrannosaurus, and thanks to a certain movie the subject of “which would win in a fight” comes up often, too.
While the obvious answer to that is “neither, they never met” (Spinosaurus came from Middle Cretaceous Africa; Tyrannosaurus came from Late Cretaceous North America), even if such an encounter could have ever occurred it wouldn’t have been the epic badass battle many people seem to imagine.
The truth is, most predators are actually incredibly wary of unfamiliar things in their environment.
They would probably have been terrified of each other.
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Look how cute they all are
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。。。 please 。。。
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