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My brother sent me a picture of a few young girls protesting outside of Party City in Harlem, today. They want Princess Tiana back.

Amazing! “Kids don’t see racial differences.” “Tiana is available online only” You go girls!!!
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a nice little message to my villagers (⊙‿⊙)
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Cool news! If you bought the first Steven Universe comic (written by cool guy Jeremy Sorese, illustrated by cool guy Coleman Engle, published by Boom!) you may have seen a STEVEN CHEWNIVERSE page in the back, written and illustrated by me! This is my first foray into Comics with a capital C, but I should be doing more STEVEN CHEWNIVERSE recipes, so I hope you’re ready to make some tasty food with Steven!
Also, you should definitely try an Everything Bagel Dog! I have Sam & our pals Diego, Aaron K., Mike, and Aaron G. to thank for the recipe. Every year on the Friday after Thanksgiving they host Franksgiving, where they make creative/tasty/unusual/forbidden hot dogs. A highly recommended tradition.
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